Making provision for an institutional frame work keeping in mind the local, national and international perspective for the cultivation of Sanskritic studies and other oriental subjects which had been the source of strength and glory of Nabadwip. Creating an atmosphere conducive for preserving, protecting and fostering tradition and culture of the state as well as those of the country.


  1. To create an environment congenial to the cultivation of the ancient Indian thoughts and ideas enriched in sanskritic studies and other oriental languages.
  2. To explore different aspect of oriental languages and literatures ( the focus being on Sanskrit and Bengali), English and other modern subjects Political Science, Environment and Computer Science.
  3. To assert the fact that the sanskritic studies with its message of universal love, unity and brother hood, (Basudhiba Kutumbakam) are highly relevant today.
  4. To carry on minor and major research projects by the students and teachers.
  5. To create a database of scholars of present Nabadwip and preserve the history of old scholars of Nabadwip .................... years who limit the reputation of Nabadwip as a sacred seat of learning for over five centuries.
  6. The revive the role of Sanskrit as a tool for preserving social amity and national integrity as well as creating and fostering patriotism among countrymen.
  7. To neutralize such such disintegrating forces of modern society as terrorism, secessionism, separatism and communalism.
  8. To eradicate such social maladies as casteism, superstition, gender teas, violence on women and children, cruelty to animals and destruction of environment.

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